Why you need a sales coach, and how AI can help

Matthew Martin
Marketing Manager

This blog is part of a series focused on Sales Enablement, a modern business solution designed to help sales and marketing teams sell more effectively using information, content, and tools. Each blog will focus on a topic in the transformational technology space that can help sales and marketing become more efficient.

Sales managers are rarely on the same page as their sales teams. Research shows that sales reps and account managers simply perceive coaching from a different perspective than their sales managers — and rarely do they meet in the middle. Underlying assumptions about what makes a good coaching process vary, which can create inefficiencies and frustration. All of this hurts the organization’s bottom line.

As technology improves, could the solution be as simple as new software?

Why you probably need a sales coach

Managing a sales team is a time-intensive and sometimes frustrating process. Sales leadership does not have time to hold the team’s hands through every sales process. As a result, critical components in the sales cycle can be missed, contributing to a lost sale.

Selling is a complicated process; each client and their situation are unique. This high-intensity interaction between a prospect and sales rep requires constant tweaking. Coaching is a necessary part of the improvement process to help sales reps stay sharp.

Studies show that the necessary mentorship from sales leaders often falls short, partly because coaching is based on activity such as contacts, meetings, and proposals. However, this approach fails to get to the heart of why some sales reps can work hard but still fail.

A recent HubSpot survey shows:

  • Six in 10 sales reps say when they figure out what works they don’t change it
  • Salespeople spend only one-third of their day talking to prospects
  • Three in four organizations only train via a classroom
  • High-performing organizations are twice as likely to offer ongoing coaching

Coaching is a personalized experience that should include role-plays, training, probing questions, and lively conversations geared to each sales rep’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s a labor-intensive process that is heavily impacted by the relationship the human coach has with their employee.

What if sales enablement software could use the power of analytics, logic, and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the coaching process while freeing up your sales leadership?

Introducing software utilizing AI as a next-gen sales coach

In today’s competitive markets, sales advantage means flexing with the latest trends. While coaching has been a consistent tool to help sales teams achieve the numbers, today we have intelligent software that is more efficient than the best human sales coach — basing knowledge not on intuition but data sets and predictive analytics.

New sales enablement knowledge management software can coach the individual based on specific actions in real time every day, instead of waiting for a meeting with sales management. Receiving interactive one-on-one coaching as activities happen will help keep skills sharp, close more deals, and motivate the sales rep. AI-powered sales enablement software can also:

  • Automate basic functions that sales reps waste time on
  • Track sales rep activities (KPIs)
  • Provide personalized coaching and mentoring
  • Video role-play, lessening the burden on sales managers
  • Suggest educational content and teachable moments
  • Act based on predictive analytics, which helps right the ship before it sinks

While the software doesn’t take the place of human interaction in the sales department, it’s an in-the-moment coaching tool that can correct ineffective behaviors before they turn into missed quotas.

Benefits of an AI-powered sales team

Unika leverages machine learning to become a smart assistant for your team, becoming more efficient over time. Leveraging this technology, Unika can be trained to coach your team through various scripted question and answer sequences, in a conversational manner. The benefits show a clear ROI:

  • Frees up sales managers
  • Allows for more realistic practice sessions based on data
  • Offers real-time personalized reviews of activities
  • Provides a more accurate sales funnel
  • Yields a higher close ratio

Unika Capabilities & Features

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Knowledge Management Hub

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Knowledge Campaigns

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Intelligent Search Assistant

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