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Why Internal and External Marketing can be Equally Important

Matthew Martin
Marketing Manager

This blog is part of a series focused on Sales Enablement, a modern business solution designed to help sales and marketing teams sell more effectively using information, content, and tools. Each blog will focus on a topic in the technology space that can help sales and marketing become more efficient.

As your company launches new products and services, how do you inform a dispersed sales team how to promote them? Sales reps sell what they know well, so launching a new offering will require additional training — or your reps simply won’t sell it. Here’s the best way to use internal marketing to increase the rate of success for new company initiatives affecting your sales team.

What is internal marketing, and why does it matter?

You already understand external marketing and probably leverage it frequently. But internal marketing, which is the dissemination of products, services, and brand information to employees, is just as important. Harvard Business Review calls internal marketing “selling the brand inside.”

Internal marketing is a critical tool to help motivate and engage sales teams. It can help keep these teams up-to-date on everything from the latest promotion to the newest marketing tools.

The biggest ROI from internal marketing comes from how these efforts engage and inform teams. This is particularly beneficial with sales teams on the road. Without internal marketing, sales reps often end up disengaged, frustrated, and with less closed revenue because they simply don’t have the tools available to help them sell.

Closing the gap between marketing and sales

While your organization’s marketing team works hard to generate new leads, a lack of internal marketing can cause sales reps to miscommunicate with prospects, close less effectively, or find themselves even less informed than the prospect.

Internal marketing can take many forms and has the following benefits:

  • Engages employees in the success of the organization by communicating goals and corporate values
  • Engages employees by seeking their input on corporate initiatives
  • Creates a valuable loop between the market trends employees experience on the ground and your internal promotions and marketing team
  • Increases closed deals by providing sales tips and advice
  • Encourages communication between dispersed teams
  • Disseminates pricing shifts or new product details
  • Drives competition between sales reps by sharing activity and wins/losses
  • Closes the gap between marketing and sales by generating better quality leads

Internal marketing can enhance training, motivate teams, help keep them informed, and increase sales. The only thing that might make it better is if the software did most of the work.

How can sales enablement software improve internal marketing?

Unika is designed to educate your team using campaigns in the same way that your marketing team does externally. You can set up automated messaging in minutes, to ensure that the right people see your email with intelligent logic built-in. It doesn’t matter if your sales team is in-house or on the road; sales enablement software can help keep everyone on the team in the loop.

These tools can:

  • Effectively communicate your sales process and standardized procedures.
  • Share winning assets and past proposals.
  • Manage internal drip campaigns, sending messages to specific predefined user groups.
  • Announce new products of sales or old product price reductions
  • Drive competitiveness by sharing individual sales successes among teams
  • Announce reminders such as deadlines, contest results, or system maintenance
  • Gather information via staff surveys and share the feedback with managers
  • Provide sales teams with immediate feedback and support
  • Share interactive, customized video training materials geared to the specific sales rep

Help your sales team improve with Unika. Our sales enablement tool can improve performance, build relationships, and drive business growth by continuously educating your team.

Key Features

Unika was built to help organizations easily create, discover, and use knowledge to enhance employee productivity and increase business outcomes.

Experience Finder

Experience Finder

Leverage your organization's collective experience for better decision making; easily search for internal experts by skill sets, industry expertise, and more.

AI-Enhanced Search

AI-Enhanced Search

Unika’s Intelligent-Knowledge-Assistant searches through your Unika environment and other connected systems to help answer FAQs, find people, find assets, or support complex research scenarios.



Create easy-to-read profiles that include biography, skills / expertise, employment history, certifications, affiliations and other key information about your employees.



Organize and populate knowledge into a consolidated page that can be shared internally or externally with clients.

Knowledge Campaigns

Knowledge Campaigns

Deploy knowledge campaigns to inform employees about active pursuits, new clients, or firm news.



Connect your document management systems, CRM, and other popular applications with ease and confidence.